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صحبتهای آقا سید بصورت صوتی و نوشتاری در شبهای قدر









چکیده ای از صحبتهای حجت الاسلام انجوی نژاد در شبهای قدر:

The tender point

The youth are curious and curious is the main characteristic of the youth.the way in which the youth view the world is larsely different from the adults.They pay specific attention to details.Beware! this curiosity may lead you to the trap of words.They are fond of knowing.what is going around searching even for the issues unrelevant to them.You should utilize this curiosity,which ia an admirable characteristic positively.Apply scientific,moral and political curiosity.Get to know your city and country.Don't feel alienated to issues involving your city and country.Don't feel alienated to the strategic issues of the government.Don't feel alienated to the sublime knowledge.

Don't feel alienated so much to the treatise on religious problem's resolution.Don't feel alienated to the religious problems resolutions.Don't feel alienated to the books on religious beliefs.A christian may give you a pamphlet and you may swap it with a 600000 page knowing

Then you might turn around and say,"What a kind religion christianity is!".You should not be charmed by a passer-by.Don't be alienated to ethics and mysticism so much so that any newcomers claim enlightenment and halos.You should not be deceived by a few drops of tears and deprived of your true love.Newcomers cannot claim love,affection,knowledge and everything.Be stong!

المومن کالجبل الراسخ لا یحرک العواطف:

"The believer resembles a mountain which annot be moved by storms"

Be a mountain.The heavenly extend over the heavens.

رب شرح لی صدری:
" The skies cannot be incorporated into the smallest integral part the heart"

Don't be saddened by all words.Don't be disappointed by what they say.Don't be isolated by what they say.Don't allow doubts in your heart as they speak.You went from the high school to the university and from there upwords to a position which should not be charmed and urged by any one.

Imam Bagheer is reported,in a tradition,to have stoted that!The world did best to change in to a exceptionally beatiful and and charming girl.The commander of the faithful was turning up the land with a spade in the garden and the world let go of her flowing robe and approached the commander of the faithful.he had his head facing down.
She said,"It's me the world.Take alook at me.I will guide you to all the gold mines round the world.I shall open up all the treasures to you, all the blessings.I will place you on the highest positions of the world.You only have to take a look at me.As his head was still facing down the stated:"Wwhich of your promises have you fulfilled??Iknow you.You have led many thirsty people to the water and did not allow them to quench their thirst and then what?After death,you are buried under loads of earth.He then lifted his head.I take refuge in God.She had changed in to an ugly old woman,very unfaithful.Then,the commander of the faithful stated:
"mend your own may.Thou friend of...!In Ali's world,the word is not worth even a singel hair thread of zahra08.gif(S.A)"

آسمانی ها سبکبارند و سبکباران سبک بار و سبک بال هم می روند.

The heavenly are light-feathered,and the light-feathered carry less weight flying easily.01.gif05.gifThere are some people in the world that do not carry any specific weghts.They put themselves to test constantly.Tonight,I was thinking of the fact that this might be may last night.I wish i can see the 21st night.I saw it.My wishes materialized and I was relieved.This means that even the immaterial should no be alloeed to make us stick to the rld.Thus,those who carry less weight fly easily.the heavily-laden ones stick to the world and can never go 33.gifeasily as they cling to the world

دومین شرط آسمانی شدن اینست که انسان به صفای باطن برسد.

The second requisite for becoming heavenly is that humans rech a stote of good heart.The good heart belongs to you.The good heart is what is granted to you and me at birth.We only have to look and search inside.

It means that you as a 20,30,40,50 year old come to think of what you have done to your soul that it is constrained to such a degree.I miss God.What have i done to myself.I refrain from the name of God.Why?I used to be very intimate with and fond of the Almighty.What have I done to myself.I fall prostrate on my knees in prayers but I like to rise frome that posture soon.When I looked at myself in the mirror,my eyes radiated rays of innocence.What have I done to my eyes.I can barely put up with that.I used to walk in a disburdened and light-ainged fashion.I used to be like that.Now,that is it that I feel a huge burden only feet walkins desperately.I used to go mountain-climbing in the morning enjoying myself looking round me at the God-given nature.Now,I am only happy with the superficial facade of the heart not thinking of nature at all.these are all delicacies.I used to socialize with friends talking and langhing all the time.Now, i am only an introvert disregarding others.These are all due to the loss of the good heart
.I used to look upwords towards the skies to talk to God without taking permission,and with no time and place limitations imposed,very guickly asking God to help me.When there were problems,there was always a key.

As problems arose,I felt heart-broken,and as I felt like that I dropped tears,and as I shed tears I felt God was looking at me and as God looked at me,my problem was solved.20.gif20.gifWhy is it,now,that there are no responses from the heaven as I shout.What's happened to the flower I used to be.It has turned scent-less,withered away at a time when I take more care of it.I use a variety of devices to do so trying to make it remain luxuriant and lush.What has this flower withered away?

People look at me in away they look at a flower withering away.Why

?I attract their attention and feelings but donot attract their hearts.In the sens we intend,the flower attracts the heart and not the senses.I attract their senses.They com to me admining.But they do not surrender their hearts to me.Oh,God!Why have I withered away?These all have is good,all the situation I mentioned turn

Thuse,I,first,have to find my flower which has withered away.Why have I withered away?What is the problem.Do I need irrigation?My soil of eaistence has rotten away being parasitical.The ivy is twisting round me.Has any one of my company mode me wither away?Have my friends made me wither away?or is it me,someting inside me,a virmin.I may be fed materially and immaterially from somewhere.The two sources are ruined and [#-sspoiled.Let's find our inner flower!02.gif

سومین دستورالعمل برای آسمانی شدن اینست که باید با معادن کرم در آسمان ارتباط برقرار کنیم.

The third procedure for becoming heavenly lies in the communication with the blessings of the heaven.

جهان دارد به نقطه ای از اعتراض می رسد.....

The world has reached a point of objection.Once upon a time children played a gamed called"Alak Dolak"with two pieces of wood one being short and the other long.and they were happy playing this game.But,today's chilren are nervous.They have 200 types of games eaperience them them.Beside,they have 200 other recreations.Don't you want to play 2 computer game?Don't you want to play with your toys?Play with your friends?Shau I enroll you in the football school?Don't you you went to go to the movies,the park,or....?
The child responds to this saying:
"no,I don't have time for that!"
What do you have time for,my son?He finds it hard to utter a word.
The modern human beings round the Earth are incapable of saying the word.Today,the human being is God,s instrument.the poor fellows are committing sins and God gives him/her enough room.He then drags him up calling him
-Who arre you talking to?
-I am waiting for a saviour.Is there anyone to save me?
There is an accumulation of tears in his/her eyes.He says,what is it now?Aren't you enjoying yourself?39.gifAnd the other says,"I am fed up with sins."
One sees the effects of the end of the world.Namaly,man has reached a stage when the 02.gifEarth can no longer satisfy him.

برادر من!خواهر من!نکنه غصه ی شیطون رو بخوریا...

My brother!My sister!Don't be urged the devil!Early in the morning of the Fetr when he is saved he comes to you.Refrain from talking to him!He will go away on his own way.Satan is not capable of achieving.The Guoranic verses and the traditions attribute the least capability to satan.A sacred verse in the koran states:
We did not set a devil's path for the heavenly.Come to yourself.If you can strengthen yourself it can put an end to 10 satans.Satan can not interfere.Satan can not suggest anything.Thus,satan cannot proceed through the Islamic path.Satan can not pray.Satan will melt down when heaving the name of prayer

آسمانی با جهاد زندگی می کند.

The heavenly lives with the holy war,the jihad.What ever your,your position,your rank,your age,whether you are studying at the high school,the junior high school,the university,a government clerk.a super ordinate boss or a subordinate,whether you are serving people or working in a factory,If your views of life are not divided and have not deuoted a third of your life for jihad on the way to God to talk for God, to advertise the word of God help others for God,encourage and enforce good deeds and prohibit the vices,oppose injustice tyranny,and wish martyrdom,this holy night of Ghadr is not worth a cent.God loves serious humans08.gif.God loves people who work for him at least a third of the day.He is studying.I am studying to lift one of Imam Zaman(A.S)burdens off the earth one day.His thoughts are focused on the time when this very little society,our Earth,convenc under the banner of Imam Zman

و نرید ان نمن علی الذین استضعفوا فی الارض و نجعلهم ائمه و نجعلهم الوارثین

If itwere not for this koranic verse,he couldn't even breathe.If there were no"الیس صبح بقریب",he could not live; his daily sleep and feeding were deprived of him.If there were no days on which he could fight aainst the tyrants face to face,he did not wish to live

.Some of our greatest men say that we are created to change the earthly blessing in to something unclean and leave;We are creted to make the various parts of the world unclean and leave adding our own unclean to the Earth.Are we created like that?The worth of human being lies in their confrontations and the worth of Moslems lies in their perseverance

"قالو قالوا ربناالله ثم استقاموا"

If you declare yourself to be a moslem, there should be somewhere for you to show this perseverance.Now,this night hasa come.You say,come and see what a nice person I am.Angels say,let's see you tomorrow.Tonight,everybody is the steets,the mosques are canned with people.Everybody is asking God for help tonight.Every body has set aside the commission of sins,tonight.Tomorrow is the Quds Day when there are demonstrations.How much of your life do you spend in achieving Quds?How much do you spend on that in your life?How often do you study and wage the Holy war or the jihad؟
he heavenly are the people who wage the jihad, the holy war.The heavenly look for trouble,interfere and solve the the problem.The heavenly do not escape from problems.The heavenly loves fighting against problems and troubles enjoying to the grestest.

اگر به دو نفر,چهار نفر,ده نفر از بچه های گردان شب عملیات می گفتند شماها به این دلیل نباید خط برید باید می دیدی که چه بساطی راه می افتاد

If you said to two,4 or 10 servicemen on the eve of the war that you are not allowed to go to the war fronts,there would be a huge protest.

قانون اواخر سال 65:

There was a law a passed late 65 stang that those who have a martyred brother should not be sent to the fronts.This was an unwritten law which was enforced.But they kept coming resorting to vows,recommendations,crying,yelling,and abuses.
No one could prohibit them from doing so.One had two maryred bro thers and they wouln't allow him to go to the war fronts.He said:Can my mother.Don't go overboard.He called his mother saying:Mother,they do not allow me to go to the war war fronts.She said,hand the phone over to your commander.He did so.She said,I have another son left he is not 15 yet.Let this be a martyr so that I can send this one to the war fronts13.gif.You know why I have given birth to these children.They are not here to amass money and property.I am his mother,a 50 year old,what have I achieved.You,as his commander,are his elder too.What have you achieved?Where did your father achieve?I want him to go to the frontierrs because I like him.Let him be at ease.Now,who can resist this stream of thought?This ia a dangerous line of thoughts.The world is afraid of it

.Who says the world is afraid of unclean weapons?39.gifEvery body has thes weapons and when all have them no one dares to launch one.They are afraid of thoughts,that the person who is tightening the screws of their own unclean weapons gets familiar with the idea turns the rochets towards the axis of tyranny.They fear one day the person says "الیس صبح بقریب".
They fear he will become familiar with the cancepts and ideas.Our country should be like that.

آسمانیها جنسشان با دنیاییها و زمینیها فرق می کند.توقعاتشان را میزون کردند و برای خودشان حساب کردند که آقا....

The heavenly are largely diffrents from the Eaethly.They have balanced their expectations talking every thing into account.They say They should benefit from the world this much,eat this amount,sleep for that long,live here.These are my living conditions,my life,my marital status.I will make both ends meet.I will make both ends meet.I will settle the question proclaiming to everyone that this is my life and I will leave the rest to you.I am devoted to God08.gif.

می فرمایند:وقتی به مردم نگاه می کند می داند که مردم با با عینک خودشان او را نگاه می کنند

They say:As he looks at the people at the people he knows that the people look at him throgh their own glasses.This is what we mean by"Every body came to me through his/her own means.People might view a heavenly in a different way using their Earthly eyes.They might say:"He is strong conservatively for the future.He's a mere sham religious show!He cries.They say.He is putting on an air of pretension.He gives avay alms and charity.They say,"'It's not clear where the money comes from.He's also funded the construction of 2 school in the same way.What ever he does,people look at him through their own glasses.oh,brothers and sister!One can not change every one's glasses else you pary tonight that they khange.For some of these people,you as a heavenly person go to any lengths,the situation deterriorates.You further explain,there will be more

امشب فقط دعا کنید.فقط دعا!
misunderstanddings.Do praty tonight!only pray!

اسمش را گذاشته اند مهمانی.چیز زیادی از چرایی این نام گذاری نمی دانم.اما مهمانی رفتن را خوب می شناسم.هر چند که باید باور کنیم سرو شکل ماه رمضانمان ربط زیادی به مهمانی ندارد.از هفته ای مانده به شروعش همه منتظرند از راه برسد و چند روز اولش بگذرد تا عادت کنند.اما من فکر می کنم اسمش را گذاشته اند مهمانی تا عادت نکنیم,یعنی یازده ماه سال در خانه ی خودمان,هر روز شبیه روزهای قبل و بعد,خواب به موقع و خوراک سروقت .این مهمانی یعنی اینجا چراغی روشن است,بی وقت.وقت ها که بی وقت می شوند,می شود عادت های طاقچه نشین زندگی را در بی وقتی برداشت و فوتی کرد و باز سر جایش نشاند...مهمانی رفتن را بلدم,اما آن چه برای رفتن به یک مهمانی یاد گرفته ام ربط زیادی به مهمانی یک ماهه رمضانمان ندارد.نمی دانم چرا چراغانی هایی که به مناسبت اعیاد یک ماه پیش شهر را نورانی کرده اند,هر چه به مهمانی نزدیک می شویم کم و کمرنگ تر می شوند.02.gifتاکسی ها بوی خواب می گیرد و رنگ شهر می پرد.راستش یا باور نکرده ایم مهمانی است یا چیزی درباره ی مهمانی نمی دانیم,مهمانی میزبانی که برای تمام روزهای زندگی مان آن قدر شگفتی رو کرده تا عادت نکنیم!


/ 18 نظر / 79 بازدید
نمایش نظرات قبلی

سلام آبجی/خوبی.برگشتنت مبارک


سلام خانمی. ممنون که اومدی تو خونه ی کوچولوم... تو رو خدا زود زود بروز کن. منتظريماااا.


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